About me

Hi, I am Akash why this blog, I published I have many reasons, but one is awareness means, I do stock trading from the age of 19 and I start learning about the stock market in an age of 16 after completing 10th exam am totally engaged with market  & I saw lots of people on social networking site they always ask pro players how you can earn, I am loss my whole capital, I don’t understand why my stock always reverses or against me whenever  I bought, etc., their lots of comments I read daily. So, in my opinion, there lot of people not aware or incorrect knowledge about the stock market this is my introduction.

Whether you have Rs. 10000 or Rs. 10,000,000 in savings, I believe that you should have a basic understanding of how the stock market works. You should clearly know about how to manage your own money so that you can easily control your financial future & be independent on your own self. Here you can easily learn about the stock market basic to advance level.

When you gave others to manage your money, now you can learn to do it yourself, it’s not as complicated as you might imagine. It’s a fact that most traders and money managers cannot outperform the market. Next, they pay themselves and their secretaries and their marketing expenses, and then the taxpayers get to split whatever gains are left, then they give you. Learn how to manage the finances yourself, and you’re already ahead of you because you don’t have a broker or money manager’s expenses.

The aim is to grow rich over a lifetime of investments and wise investment decisions, so please avoid offers from the so-called money gurus who promise to make you a million dollars in the coming year. Saving Rs. 100 daily and I will teach you how money and wealth are actually generated, by saving wisely over time, and by matching risk with potential returns.

Stockmarketgo will educate you about the different investment options available to you, how the stock market works, how to analyze investments, and how to build and manage a well-balanced portfolio. Until we move in, please understand that this website is not about getting rich quickly; it’s about getting rich slowly. Successful investing requires constant learning and a focused approach.