How to make investment portfolio using 3 steps wisely for all.

If you are engineered, doctor, CEO, employer, it doesn’t matter. Today I will explain how to make an investment portfolio. Firstly, you know about stock market investing, then you easily understand the process of making an investment portfolio. There are many investors in the Stock market who make a great and huge portfolio to generate a monthly income from their portfolio.

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Today, I am sharing with you the secrets of making investment portfolio. From this, investment portfolio you can learn lots of things according to me. When we talk about how to make investment portfolio peoples getting nervous, oh my god portfolio. Portfolio making is not rocket science, but whenever you make a portfolio always know about three wisdom steps.

Step 1 Always choose quality stocks

If you have less amount & you think bought low price stock from this thinking you never make money in the stock market because if you bought low price stocks accidentally you pick low-value stocks means that stocks which have no value in the stock market it’s very dangerous for your investment portfolio making process.

If you buy penny stocks or mentioned in the investment portfolio for investment purposes and you think I make millions from this portfolio you never earn a profit in the stock market. 

Step 2 Diversification

Diversification means to diversify your money in different stocks of different sectors. You can pick quality stocks any question in your mind, but I have how to pick quality stocks & where you can find quality stocks so, you can easily make an investment portfolio. Okay, now I give you a solution visit official website of India stock exchange. Enter into the website you see menu & the first option is Live market move your mouse on the live market, you can see the drop-down list in this list click on Equity stock. There are different-different sectors in this sector, there are many stocks that belong to their sector, now you want to search the google like the nifty bank leader or we can say, nifty auto leader.  Those leaders mention in your portfolio of different-different sectors. In sectors also have sub-sector like nifty auto have tyres, batteries, manufacturing they all are nifty auto sub-sector.

Step 3 Asset allocation

It totally depends on you how much invest in particular stocks take an example, you bought niftybank five stocks, Yesbank, PNB, RBLbank, Hdfcbank, icicibank mention in your portfolio. If you buy from this strategy, please read again step 2 carefully. If you bought the first 3 stocks of niftybank according to today’s situation you lose half of the capital. And, you also failed in the process of investment portfolio creation.

In Step 2 I explain you diversification means putting more money in market leaders & less money in other stocks, this is proper diversification.

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Conclusion:- If you follow all steps correctly, you can easily make an investment portfolio in the Stock market.

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