Why new traders failed to make money in the Stock market.

Why new traders failed to make money in the Stock market.

How the stock market works

 I. Mindset

New traders are greedy, Rich traders are optimistic about their returns. They’re not realistic.

New traders pick wrong stocks because of stress, rich traders can handle stress.

New traders are impatient and are always looking to take action. Rich Traders are patient.

New traders trade because their own greed and fear are driving them,  good traders are using a trading plan.

New traders fail to learn, Rich traders never stop to learn about the market.

 II. Risk

New traders act like gamblers, rich traders act like businessmen.

Rich traders monitor trading size with care, New traders are betting a property.

The first priority is big profits for new traders, the first priority has managed the capital for Rich traders.

New traders want to show that they’re right, Rich traders accept if they’re wrong.

New traders not booked profits because they don’t have an exit strategy, Rich traders lock in profits while there.

III. Approach

New traders are going to quit, Rich traders persevere on the market before they succeed.

New traders jump from system to system every moment they suffer a loss when it’s losing, Rich traders stick to a winning system even when it’s losing.

New traders place opinions-based trades, the Rich Traders place probability-based trades.

New traders are trying to predict, Rich traders are following what they will be told by the market.

New traders are following their emotions and putting them at a disadvantage, rich traders are following systems that give them a benefit.

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